A typewriter

0 words

Just write.

Easier to say than to do.

The Critic sits on your shoulder.

He shakes his head at each sentence.

He clucks his tongue.

“No, no, no, that’ll never work. Do it this way.”

The Critic loves word processors.

He loves Backspace and Delete.

But when you’re trying to hit your daily word count, you don’t have time for his nonsense.

Back in the typewriter days, you just typed. Then you pulled out your red pen and you edited. Then you re-typed your draft.

The Critic still did his thing, but he had less power then.

He knew his limits better.

The thing is, you need the Critic… when you’re editing.

When you’re writing, you need him to shut up.

Now you don’t have to use a typewriter to make him.

Type your words in the little box. Don’t edit them because you can’t.

When you’re done, copy them from the big box and paste them into your normal editor.

Then turn the Critic loose on that manuscript.

But first you have to just write.

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